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Natalya Resnik

Modern wedding and family photography in the Erlangen / Nuremberg area - artistic and emotion-filled lifestyle shoots by a trained art, wedding, and family photographer educated in Germany.

The Russian town I grew up in, Perm, lies on the banks of the Kama River, hidden deep in the woods. The climate is harsh. The people live in small apartments, where they spend a lot of time inside, many generations together. I spent more than 25 years of my life there and learned how to get along with family, no matter how different. How to be empathic. How people that are so different can still have such strong connections. How to perceive emotions and feelings – without words. I left Russia in order to further develop myself and my photography career in Germany, but I took a love for people – and a great empathy – with me.

I am 39, the mother of two children (7 months and 5 years old.) I live in Erlangen, in Bavaria, and have been working as a photographer for about 20 years. Initially in Russia, where I studied philosophy, photography and design. Since 2015, in Germany, where I completed my Master’s degree in Photography at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin, 2019. I shoot lifestyle photography: that means I take less posed, more natural shots. I value the atmosphere, the light, the composition and natural depictions of real emotions.

In addition to weddings and family photos, I work with art and documentary photography, take part in exhibitions and photo festivals around the world, and publish photo books for collectors. I am a member of the Association of Russian Art Photographers. My images have been published in leading photography blogs and magazines (Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan) and recognised by high-end professionals in the industry (exhibitions include UN Headquarters, New York and the Willy-Brandt House, Berlin.) My private clients benefit from the range of my experience.

Perhaps you are asking yourself:

“How does she manage to photograph strangers so authentically?”

My answer?

“Of course we come from different cultures, speak different languages… but we are all the same in our desires and feelings – we want to love and be loved, we respect our parents and we laugh with our children; we may cry at our wedding and we are happy to become parents and to take our newborn baby in our arms.”

It is very important to me that I can walk alongside you during your special moments, empathise and capture them lovingly in my photographs. It is a great task, and truly an honour for me – the privilege of capturing the visual story of your family for future generations.

Love story


Newborn and kids